Monday, May 31, 2010

My Fuji Finepix HS 10

image Few weeks ago I bought Fuji HS 10, the one that’s been talking alot around the internet. After reading an in-depth review at PhotographyBlog, I decided to buy this camera. I’m still happy with it, I’m still exploring the features – lots of them, compared to my old S 9500.  I like the sweep panorama, but not yet have time to take panorama in the real world! The optical zoom is awesome, 30 x from 24 to 720 mm (35 mm equivalent). The LCD monitor makes the S9500 looks so bad, HS 10 has 3” tilting LCD while S 9500 only 1.8” also tilting. The monitor resolution is 230K dots, it’s nice, but I preferred 920K dots like other new cameras. I still find very difficult to take pics with blurred background – although I used the longest zoom, I have to use macro or supermacro and take the camera close to the object in order to blur the background. Also, when I try to shoot my puppy inside her cage, I couldn’t blurred the cage’s mesh. Not with my EOS 450D, It’s very easy to blur the mesh as in my eagle photos. _MG_2050 I read the DPReview forum – Fuji Talk – it’s caused by the small sensor size. Overall, I’m satisfied with my new camera. Below, I show you my pics taken with HS 10.

SHIRO_02_1TERKURUNG01The last pic was taken in RAW and converted to JPEG using Silkypix – the in-box software.  

FYI, you can read the HS 10  in-depth review from PhotographyBlog here.

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