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Millions of Backlink With MLM

[binary2.jpg]As a matter of fact, we can use MLM to get as many backlink as you can in blogging world. So, to all blogger in the whole world, if you want to get backlink to increase your blog popularity, why don’t you join us in this ‘game’. By having many backlinks, your pagerank will be raised. Of course, this is good for you all who depend on your blog to earn money from it.

In this ‘game’ what you have to do is very simple. You only copy paste the article below and post it on your blog.

Don’t underestimate the power of multiplication factor created by MLM system. By applying MLM to get backlinks, very soon you’ll see the enormous result. Your backlinks will grow fast and multiply in number, and you still can’t believe that it is really happening. 
The method is very easy. You just put these links on your blog or on your article/posting: 

But remember, you must erase the link on the toppest of the list. And then you have to put your link on the lowest of the list (on position no. 10).

Imagine, if one gamer manage to invite 5 people to join the game, than you’ll see the simulation here:

When you still on no. 10, your backlink = 1 
On position 9, your backlink = 5
On position 8, your backlink = 25
On position 7, your backlink = 125
On position 6, your backlink = 625 
On position 5, your backlink = 3,125 
On position 4, your backlink = 15,625
On position 3, your backlink = 78,125 
On position 2, your backlink = 390,625 
On position 1, your backlink = 1,953,125
Using theory of SEO, by getting 1,953,125 backlinks you have built a vey high popularity blog, not mention the risen of your pagerank.

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Me and My Camera

This is me and my camera, Canon EOS 450D. Nice and small-sized camera with good result. Meandcamera Most of my photos on this blog was taken by 450D.

I started taking pictures when i was 22. So, i am a little bit late to start photography as my hobby. My first camera was Fuji xxx (i don’t remember the type), it was an analog camera and a very cheap one. But, it built my interest in photography.  My second camera is Fuji Finepix S-306, my first digital camera with 3,1 megapixel. I was very satisfied with the photos taken with S-306. I still have it and still in good condition. Later, i bought a bridge camera – actually i wanted a D-SLR but i still hesitated wether i can use it or not – Fuji Finepix S9500 9.0 megapixels with a superzoom lens covering 28-300 mm (10.7 x optical zoom). I am very happy using this camera, the features almost like a beginner’s D-SLR camera.

After using S9500 almost a year, i bought Canon EOS 450 D. My first D-SLR and i’m very happy to have this camera. And i bought accessories one by one, such as Tamron lens, flash light, filters, and i’m planning to buy Tokina 11-16 mm f/2.8. It’s my dream.

Photography is my hobby, it helps me relieving my stress from my daily activity.

So, please enjoy my photos, eventhough they aren’t very nice. So, please give your comment so i can improve my skill. Thanks.


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